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🗣️ Networking and Accountability

Discuss and find new insights into your unsolved work issues

AMAs with experienced engineering leaders, executive coaches, and peers

Discover how peers get ahead in their tech careers in the Community Slack channel.

🧠 Access Non-technical Frameworks and Models

Dozens of frameworks and models to improve your leadership skills

We dive into the frameworks and any questions during our Office Hours

👥 Office Hours Q&A Sessions

Free 30-minute Career Accelerator Call to get clarity on what you need to accelerate your career

Ask questions and get live answers to your questions

Learn from other people in the community who have other challenges you have yet to encouter

❌ Accelerating your career without Tech Leaders

You don’t know what you don’t know about your missing non-technical skills

Shallow knowledge from Google and other resources

Unable to discuss work-related issues with peers

Career books and courses only discuss the theory

✅ Accelerating your career with Tech Leaders

Get insights into your blind spots and areas for improvements

In-depth knowledge transfer from experienced technical leaders

Learn from peers who are in similar situations

Tech Leaders is like Stack Overflow for non-technical issues. Super practical!

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