Jump From Senior Engineer to Fractional CTO

Do you want to step away from your day job to build your own business, while increasing your income and diversifying your equity?

Many join the Tech Leaders Program with a promotion as their primary goal, but some decide to pivot to start their own business after seeing the benefits of being a Fractional CTO.

Whatever your goals are, you'll be supported by both the Tech Leaders team and the talented community members who are on the same path as you.

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Scale Your Expertise as a Fractional CTO

It can be daunting to make the leap from an employee to starting and running your own business, but with the right knowledge, skills and support you can avoid expensive mistakes so you can enjoy being your own boss.

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Combining The Tech Leader Program And
The Entrepreneurial Engineer Frameworks

When you join the Tech leader Program, you'll learn the 9-step Career Accelerator Framework with all the leadership, management and problem solving skills you need to become a talented Tech Leader.

You'll also get access to the 4-step Entrepreneurial Engineer Framework and the Entrepreneurial Engineer Mastermind Sessions each week.

Define Your Unique Value Proposition

Many talented engineers underestimate their value or have trouble believing in themselves and their skills.

Impostor syndrome is a very common culprit, but there are many other reasons why so many experienced people don't recognize their full value in the workplace.

The Tech Leader Program will ensure you understand your true and unique value to the marketplace, which will help you decide which way you want to take your career.

Step 1
Step 2

Create Your Career Acceleration Roadmap

Like any product, your career needs a roadmap to ensure you achieve your goals as fast as possible.

We help you build your roadmap and support you as you work through it.

Since most of your competition won't have one, creating your own career roadmap will give you a distinct advantage in your career.

Develop Your Personal Brand to Attract the Right Opportunities

Why do some people get headhunted by recruiters while others go through slow and painful application processes?

Essentially it comes down to one word — reputation.

They have a personal brand that people understand, trust and refer to others in their network.

The Tech Leader Program will help you build the personal brand and reputation your skills deserve, to attract the opportunities you want.

Step 3
Step 4

Grow as a Leader

The tech industry has a desperate need for technical experts who also have excellent leadership skills.

Leadership can be learned, but no leader is the same.

The Tech Leader Program will give you the information and skills to craft a confident leadership style and persona that will suit you the most.

Master Management

Some people like to manage while others genuinely dislike it.

Not everyone is a "natural manager", but some degree of managing will always be part of a Tech Leader's role.

Both natural and non-natural managers learn the knowledge and skills to confidently create and control the team and processes for maximizing your deliverables.

Step 5
Step 6

Communicate & Influence Others

The most critical skill for any successful leader is the ability to communicate and influence across your organization.

Tech Leaders needs to be able to communicate and influence upward to bosses and stakeholders, sideways to peer managers, and downward to align and motivate their teams and direct reports.

Communication and influencing become far easier when you understand how other people think and make decisions.

Stronger Decision Making & Problem Solving

For any team to be effective, you need to bring together a diverse group of people with different skills, thought processes and methodologies.

This is often challenging for Tech Leaders so we focus on improving your practical knowledge and skills for approaching problems and making decisions.

With this knowledge, you can coach and mentor your team to make good decisions on their own so you can work on higher level problems.

Step 7
Step 8

Hiring & Team Building

Your ability to build a strong team is critical to your success as a Tech Leader.

We teach you know how to attract, vet, hire and onboard the best people for your high-performance team.

Your success as a leader depends on picking the right people, creating the right culture and installing the proper control mechanisms in place for your team to happily go after the objectives you set.

Delegation, Accountability & Results

Your career, reputation and the rewards you receive are tied to the results you can create.

This is where the skills of delegation and accountability give you leverage to make the most impact.

Many tech leaders struggle with delegating because their careers and success have come from their work as individual contributors.

You'll learn how to delegate effectively and create the accountability required to achieve your team's ambitious goals.

Step 9
Step 10

Productize Your Expertise

As a Fractional CTO, we'll help you package up your unique experience and perspectives into a scalable service that will help early-stage startups get started on the right technical foot.

Market Your Offering

Tech Leaders can connect you with opportunities for fCTO work, but we'll also show you how to attract your ideal opportunities yourself.

You'll learn how to market yourself with authenticity and authority, without feeling like a sell-out or jeopardizing your day job.

Step 11
Step 12

Selling Your Services

Sales can be tricky for people who've never done it before, especially if you tend to avoid self-promotion.

Mastering sales takes a different approach than solving technical challenges, and we'll show you how to confidently close deals with integrity.

Scaling Your Operations

If you want to work with multiple clients at the same time, we'll help you scale your services so you can work with concurrent companies without burning out.

This step is the key to creating a whole portfolio of equity and fully replacing your full-time income from a day job.

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