Increase Your Influence, Reputation and Compensation

Solving the biggest problem in the tech industry

There's a massive lack of confident and trained leaders who can both lead people and make decisions.

Every tech company needs leaders who can master this combined expertise in this new remote work environment.

This is how you become the solution to the biggest problem in the industry and reach top-of-market compensation.

"Software is created by people and for people, yet 99% of software engineers under invest in gaining people skills like leadership. It's a massive opportunity to stand out from the crowd on the career ladder."

Todd Larsen, Co-founder

Increase Your Influence and Job Market Value

How Does It Work?

We will use a 4-step process to iterate on your situation and teach you our People Framework with components like leadership and management skills, confident communication and influence, and team building to level up your career over a 6 month period.

1. Diagnose Opportunities

First, we’ll dig into your current challenges to objectively see how to help you.

Think of us as a sounding board for your goals…. we’ve “been there and done that — and discovered a better way to get there.

2. Make an Action Plan

After we’ve helped diagnose your situation, we’ll tailor a plan for you to solve the right problems at the right time to make your work (and life) easier.

3. Learn New Skills

Many of us know all the hot frameworks and open source libraries, but most have never formally learned how to lead and manage.

This program gives you the missing “People Framework”.

4. Take Action on Your Plan

Every week, we’ll help you navigate any tough conversations or strategies and tactics to reach your goal.

Every week we’ll iterate to make sure your Action Plan is truly serving you.

Become a Certified Tech Leader

Tech Leaders is a certified program that demonstrates your competency in leading and managing tech businesses and teams.

Components of The People Framework

People Skills
Team Building
Creating Culture
Leading and Managing
Your Leadership Persona
Building Your Career
Handling Stress
Influencing and Coaching
Increasing Confidence
Negotiating Conflicts

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