Help us build exciting products with the upside of a founding team without the risk of an early-stage startup.

Become a Fractional CTO for early-stage startups to earn experience, cash and equity with mentorship from people who've "done it before".

We'll help you ship products and show you how to grow your own engineering organization from scratch, without having to reinvent the wheel.

Mentorship and Training for Fractional CTOs

How Does It Work?

Every day, well-funded startups approach us for help finding a founding software engineer or CTOs to help them build their new product.

They're amazing opportunities and we know what it takes to take a company through the critical early stages of growth, so we help them build out an entire engineering department with a push of a button.

We vet the career opportunities and help you get started with a strong team ASAP without having to build out an entire engineering department from scratch.

1. Diagnose Opportunities

First, we’ll dig into your current challenges to objectively see how to help you.

Think of us as a sounding board for your goals…. we’ve “been there and done that — and discovered a better way to get there.

2. Make an Action Plan

After we’ve helped diagnose your situation, we’ll tailor a plan for you to solve the right problems at the right time to make your work (and life) easier.

3. Learn New Skills

Many of us know all the hot frameworks and open source libraries, but most have never formally learned how to lead and manage.

This program gives you the missing “People Framework”.

4. Take Action on Your Plan

Every week, we’ll help you navigate any tough conversations or strategies and tactics to reach your goal.

Every week we’ll iterate to make sure your Action Plan is truly serving you.

Become a Certified Tech Leader

Tech Leaders is a certified program that demonstrates your competency in leading and managing tech businesses and teams.