Making Sure You Get More Output From Your Teams

How many skilled leaders and managers in your company can you depend on?

Most tech companies are full of great individual contributors but don't have enough experienced managers to lead them properly.

This leads to expensive missed deadlines, throwaway work, miscommunications, and high turnover across your org.

Tech Leaders is designed to solve this problem for you.

“The money is in the management.

The more skilled your leaders are, the higher the return will be from the expensive people you employ. It's a simple as that.”

Stephen Bates, Co-founder

Messy people problems kill profit margins.

We add the missing people and leadership skills.

Good leadership and management turns your cost centers into profit centers.

Who on your team needs to be a better leader?

How We've Helped

“Thirty years of confused thinking, doubt and procrastination gone in a couple of hours.

I'm blown away."

“Since I started working with Stephen, the puzzles in my head finally started to fall in the right place and create a clear picture for me."
"I have maintained clarity and control while scaling my business beyond 100k since launching in May.

I feel at peace and positive.”