Grow your career by increasing the value of your technical skills

Most developers are over-indexed on technical expertise and underinvest in non-technical skills like communication, decision making and business sense to make the biggest impact possible.

We use our Multiplier Framework to become an actual "10x developer" by multiplying your technical expertise with non-technical skills and business sense.

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Make an Impact and Income Without Burning Out

This program is designed to help highly skilled technical people lean into their non-tech skills like leadership, business sense (like how to grow your own business), and technical prowess (like which tools, libraries, and programming patterns are best).

You get access to:

✅ Training videos and non-technical frameworks for solving “people problems”

✅ Live mastermind sessions with leadership coaches and other like-minded people

✅ A Slack community for additional help and networking

✅ When you join, you get a 1 on 1 session to develop a plan for you to reach whatever your next goal is.

Interested in joining a community where you can learn, get a sounding board from each other, and benefit from expanding our networks to create more opportunities?


🔨 Build Your Career, Reputation And Income

Our programs are designed to give every level of software developer the non-technical skills needed to quickly increase their business impact and income without burning out or losing touch with the tech.

The TL Program is designed to multiply the value of your technical expertise by up-skilling senior engineers to CTO, Fractional CTO and founding engineer level with non-technical skills to get more leverage with their work as you climb the career ladder.

Every other week, we host The Entrepreneurial Engineer Session which are designed to help hit your career, business and income goals.

They focus on mindset shifts and business strategies you need to become your own boss and to grow the business you want to have.

🚫 Preventing Burn Out

Coding 12+ hours per day is almost seen as a badge of honor when you’re a junior coder learning the ropes and starting out on your career, but it can lead to burning out if you’re not careful.

Overworking on the wrong things is the fastest route to burnout as you become more experienced and is a huge danger when you start to take on the responsibility of leading and managing a project and team.

🧰  Fixing Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is the biggest single reason people hold back from growing their career or launching their business ideas.

It robs people of the ability to see their true value to the job marketplace and damages their income and the ability to create long term wealth.

It stops them from confidently ‘marketing and selling’ their ideas to stakeholders to get buy-in.

And it holds people back from aiming for the higher level roles and responsibilities they’re capable of.

Fixing Imposter Syndrome is one of our specialities and you’ll be able to finally deal with it when you join our program.

🤔 Which Direction Is Right For You?

One of the most common conversations we have with Tech Leader students is what direction they should take their career.

Student have joined our program to:

✨ Understand the true value of our own skills and how best to value and communicate them to their bosses and peers.

✨ Leap into management and leadership
after years as senior developers.

Learn how to productize their expertise to start their own business.

Learn new non-technical skills to make their work life easier.

✨ To deal with any Imposter Syndrome that has held back their career.

And to increase their income.

💻  Staying In Touch With Cutting Edge Technology

While the Tech Leader Programs help you quickly build on your non-technical skills, we know that staying in touch with the state of the art tech stacks is also essential.

Every other Wednesday, we host Tech Stack Sessions where we discuss the latest and greatest open source libraries, platforms and tools so you can keep your tech skills on point while you also build your non-technical skills.

We want to make sure you always have the confidence in your technical expertise and skills to effectively lead your team of developers without losing touch with the tech.

What people have said so far about the program:

"Since joining the Tech Leader Program, I have started asking myself 'What's the benefit of me doing this' which has been super useful" - A.M, U.S

"It has improved the way I think about talking and engaging with my team." - J.T, U.S

"I appreciated the clarification between the two concepts/definitions of leadership and managing. Using real world examples and identifying which part of the situation was leadership vs management was very helpful in the distinction between the two." - D.B, U.S

"Joining Tech Leader Program has been one of the best decisions I have made.

Stephen and Todd are passionate about solving a variety problems in the tech space and are invested in their members growth.

I look forward to the regular mastermind coaching meetings with other members who share their insights, their struggles and their wins.

As a manager, I can now lead my team much more efficiently and have used the valuable resources taught to me to not only get the best out of my team but help them grow too." - S.K, U.K

"I was ready to take my career to the next level. Having a weekly mastermind mentoring calls combined with watching the training videos, I’ve really noticed a change in my behavior and thinking. I’ve been more strategic with my thinking." - J.L, U.S


Join the First-Ever Mentorship Mastermind Program for Ambitious Technical Experts

Weekly sessions with experienced leadership coaches and other CTOs and Senior Software Engineers to serve as a sounding board for challenges as they come up

Exclusive training material geared to help technical experts grow their non-technical skillset

Access to vetted roles and opportunities with early-stage and fast-growing startups

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Curious how it works?

Who is this program for?

This mastermind and mentorship program is for web developers and software engineers who want to make a bigger impact and income by working through people to get more leverage with their time.

It's not always clear what the next best step in your career path is. Whether you want to become a CTO, startup consultant, or just get that next promotion at your current job, we're here to help you.

Why should I want to join?

Most technical folks under-invest in the non-technical skills that make all the difference in their careers.

Stuff like building and managing a team so you can solve higher level problems, proactively communicating with stakeholders to beat expectations, and influencing others to buy in to your ideas and plans.

What's included?

You get 6 months of membership to the Tech Leaders mastermind calls, weekly coaching sessions, and access to video training that is over 20 years in the making that addresses management and leadership concerns from a modern perspective.

1) 6 months of weekly mastermind calls with our Leadership Coach and other experienced CTOs (plus recordings from past sessions).

2) Lifetime Access to training materials (videos and frameworks) that expand on the mastermind topics.

3) We’ll feed you engineers to build your team when needed: you'll get free recruiting services from us for you to hire engineers on any new or existing projects.

4) We’ll feed you Fractional CTO opportunities to grow your income: you'll get first dibs on opportunities to help early-stage startups.

5) Access to our network in Silicon Valley and the international startup community (venture capital, product managers, and subject matter experts in AI/ML, product analytics, etc.) for additional support as needed.

How much is it?

There's a 1-time investment of $2950 to join our 6-month program.

During this time we'll help you identify and develop a personalized plan to increase your income and impact in your current role, and then help you learn the skills necessary to execute on the next step on your career path.

Invest in yourself
to grow your career faster.