For Developers, Engineers & Architects who want to learn how to:

Optimize the Impact of Your Technical Skills

With practical non-technical skills and sharper business sense.

(without burning out or losing touch with the tech)

In this talk, you'll learn:

  • Who’s getting their ideal opportunities right now and why (with practical steps to best position yourself)
  • What makes some people stand out in a highly competitive job market (and how to control your reputation proactively)
  • Why you need to update your definition of work to get out of the weeds and stop firefighting below your level (and how to design your own leadership style even if you hate managing)
  • How to get buy-in when the big decisions are being made (and what keeps talented people from "joining the table")

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As a startup advisor, Fractional CTO, former Global Platform Engineer at and Founding Engineer at, Todd has 15 years of experience building and scaling consumer products in startup mode and at-scale.

From building high performance engineering teams to shipping scalable products that customers love, Todd focuses on moving fast and leading teams to create a positive impact on the world with technology.

Stephen has brought a practical and pragmatic approach to leadership coaching and corporate training for over 25 years.

He has extensive experience working with individuals and teams across the globe. Stephen focuses on providing practical mentoring and training that is instantly applicable to real-world situations.

The phrase he likes to hear most is "That makes sense".

Why did we start Tech Leaders?

Tech Leaders helps software developers step into leadership roles by building their non-technical skills and business sense to make an even bigger impact with their technical expertise, without burning out or losing touch with the tech.

The Tech Leaders Mastermind was the program that Todd needed when he was making the leap from web developer to software engineer to engineering manager to CTO.

Todd and Stephen founded Tech Leaders after realizing they were solving the same problem from two different perspectives.

Todd was a senior software engineer who had to teach himself the leadership and business skills he needed to become an effective leader as his previous startup grew quickly.

He was frustrated that he had to learn things the hard way through trial and error by piecing together the information he needed from books, blogs and mentors.

Years later, after consulting as a Fractional CTO and working with talented engineers who built their careers with their strong technical skills, Todd realized the vast majority of developers lacked these non-technical skills required to make the leap into leadership.

When Stephen met Todd, Stephen had taught and mentored thought workers from many different industries on leadership, people and business skills for over twenty years.

Now more than ever, the world needs technical experts with strong leadership skills, and Tech Leaders was created to fill this need.