Private Professional Development Programs For Your Teams

Practical business leadership training and knowledgebase for companies that want to enable their technical experts and teams to work at their highest level.

Who Do We Help?

This program is for corporate teams that want to benefit from more proactive and strategic thinking, stronger leadership skills, and sharper business sense.

Distributed Teams

Remote high-performance teams across time zones

Rapidly Growing Teams

Teams that are re-organizing, restructuring, back-filling and growth hiring

Newly Formed Teams

Teams accelerating through Tuckman's phases of group development: Forming → Storming → Norming → Performing

Engineering Teams

Teams of highly technical subject matter experts helping drive the business goals and strategy

IT Teams

Corporate IT teams in charge of information security, hardware, and helpdesk support

Product Teams

Cross-functional teams shipping full stack products

One of the Biggest Blockers

Imposter Syndrome

Research shows ~70% of people experience Imposter Syndrome at times.

40% of professionals suffer to the point of holding them back in their career performance.

We'll help you deal with it once and for all so you can confidently lead at the next level.

What Learners Say About The Mastermind Program

Installing Leadership Mindsets

Actually surprisingly difficult to find another quality group like this to bounce ideas off of.

It went beyond my defined qualities of leadership effectively being a collection of operational tactics and strategy creation.

One of the most interesting teachings was how to re-orientate oneself towards work.

R.S. in California

Psychological Safety for Emerging Leaders

Corporate programs are affected by the company offering them and it's not a place people can be transparent or candid.

Learning from books is great but having conversations is even better, so the weekly Zoom sessions have been the most useful.

I've elevated my thinking and approach from being reactive or passive to being strategic.

K.D. in Colorado
Senior Solutions Architect

Access to Earned Knowledge and Expertise

While I feel to be a strong IC and have quite good managing skills, I felt lacking in strategy tools.

I wanted to increase my leverage by doing a higher level of work.

Is the program worth the money? I have no doubts. I think it already paid off.

The things I have heard of, learned, and discussed were not reachable to me before.

M.W. in Poland
Tech Lead

Flexible Learning Journeys

Tailored to each organization and individual's OKRs and challenges

Private Sessions for Learners and Insight Reports for Stakeholders

More cost effective than traditional coaching or hiring externally

Invest 6 Months

Outcome-Focused Professional Development

Spend 3 Hours

Per Week Learning

Save $30K

Average placement fee for a higher skilled employee

How the Career Accelerator Is Different

Many talented tech experts find themselves in leadership, management or supervisory roles without the non-technical skills and experience to confidently get the best out of their teams and hit the goals they need to achieve.

We support leaders with a personalized plan and access to a knowledgebase and mastermind for learning and insights to help “see around corners” and flatten the learning curve on your journey into leadership and entrepreneurship.

The five elements in the Tech Leaders Career Accelerator Program are drawn from our Collective Learning Methodology to deliver rapid results.

Mastermind Sessions 2x/week

Access hard-won career wisdom, priceless industry insider knowledge, and on-demand answers to the seemingly "un-askable" questions from coaches and peers.

Private Coaching Sessions 1x/month

Receive monthly private coaching calls to discuss any topic for ongoing guidance on goals and navigating around blockers in a private setting.

Always-On-Demand Learning for Self-Study

Access an extensive library of training curriculum (and recordings from past Mastermind Sessions) to gain the knowledge and skills needed at exactly the right time.

The Playbook Catalog

Know exactly what to say and do... when, with the playbook catalog. Chock full of shortcuts and gotchas to avoid when dealing with many different situations and contexts leaders often face.

The Community

Build your network and reputation, exchange ideas and feedback, and get key introductions to stakeholders and decision-makers who already do what you want to be doing with your career.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the programs?

The initial membership is six months.

Although many members continue with us after they complete their first six months.

This is why we offer a 12-month membership as well.

How much time does each person need to commit per week?

We recommend 3 hours per week.

This time includes the two Live Coaching Sessions and time to dig into the recorded training modules.

Most people report they very quickly recoup this time back in efficiency savings and team leverage.

How do I figure out who is suitable for the Mastermind?

Anyone who has leadership or management responsibilities will benefit from the Mastermind.

It's also valuable to pre-train your emerging leaders on a succession plan who will step into leadership positions in the future.

We use a simple but powerful tool to identify who is best suited to which type of leadership and management role.

It also identifies who may need more support as they progress through the Mastermind.

Please let us know if you want assistance picking the right people for the Mastermind and which role they are best suited for.

Can I arrange Private / Company Only Sessions?

Yes, we can facilitate private sessions focusing on specific company problems and goals.

Should senior leadership join the Mastermind too?

Yes, for a couple of important reasons.

If you have never had formal leadership training, you will benefit from doing the Mastermind.

It is incredibly beneficial when the primary leader and Tech Leaders have a close working relationship.

It allows us to understand your strategy, problems and goals and then tailor the training of your people to hit your objectives quicker and easier.

This can be done with a combination of private sessions with you and closed sessions for your team, which we can lead together if you desire.

How can I make sure I get a great ROI?

There are many ways we ensure that each company achieves a high ROI for each delegate they place on the Mastermind.

The most important thing to create an exceptional ROI is to make the problems and goals of the company the most important thing, not the Mastermind.

This is why we use an On-Demand Mentoring and Training philosophy and system.

When we know each member's problems and objectives, we tailor their development to focus on them.

We repeat this process until each member of the Mastermind achieves the shift from Reactive Thinking to Proactive Thinking and Planning.

This is a significant step change in skills and approach for most leaders.

Now, they are no longer just reacting to problems but are tactically and strategically planning the future.

This shift in behavior is a genuine lead indicator and predictor of future results.

Each person has 1:1 time with the coaching team, which will give them the very focused and specific help they need.

Is this just like every other theoretical curriculum we've tried?

The feedback we love to receive is that the information and mentoring is practical and pragmatic.

Theory is useful but actual results come from the ability to use it in the real world, so we focus on delivering practical non-technical skills and knowledge that can be leveraged immediately.

What if they suffer from Imposter Syndrome?

70% of people have Imposter Syndrome at some point or another.

40% of people, unfortunately, have it at a  level which seriously damages results.

Dealing with IS and other confidence issues is a speciality of tech leaders, and we can help anyone on your team deal with it.

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