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You’re a senior engineer but are being skipped for manager positions. You have excellent technical skills, but your employer hasn’t invested in your non-technical skills, hurting your career perspective.


Our program helps you level up your non-technical skills and business sense. You’ll be ready for natural promotion to a leadership position within months.

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Pragmatic advice from someone who’s been in your position to accelerate your career without burning out.

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The Career Accelerator Framework

Define Your Unique User Story

Many talented engineers underestimate their value or need help believing in themselves and their skills.

Impostor syndrome is a common problem, but there are many other reasons why so many experienced people don't recognize their full value in the workplace.

The Tech Leader Program will ensure you understand your authentic and unique value to your (next) employer. We’ll help you define your Unique User Story so you can position yourself to be naturally promoted.


Create Your Personal Leadership Track

You probably know you’re lacking specific non-technical and leadership skills. And you’re probably lacking some things you haven’t thought about.

That’s where we come in. We help you build a Personal Leadership Track and support you as you work through it.

Since most of your coworkers won’t have one, creating your own leadership roadmap will give you a distinct advantage in your career.

Attract the Right Opportunities by Developing Your Personal Brand

Why do some people get headhunted by recruiters while others go through slow and painful application processes?

It comes down to one word — reputation.

They have a personal brand that people understand, trust and refer to others in their network.

The Tech Leader Program will help you build the personal brand and reputation your skills deserve, to attract the opportunities you want.


Grow into a Leader

The tech industry has a desperate need for technical experts who also have excellent leadership skills.

Leadership can be learned, but no leader is the same.

The Tech Leader Program will give you the information and skills to craft a confident leadership style and persona that will suit you the most.

Master Managing

Some people like to manage while others genuinely dislike it.

Not everyone is a "natural manager", but some degree of managing will always be part of a Tech Leader's role.

Both natural and non-natural managers learn the knowledge and skills to confidently create and control the team and processes for maximizing your deliverables.


From just Communicating to Influencing

The most critical skill for any successful leader is the ability to communicate and influence across your organization.

Tech Leaders need to be able to communicate and influence upward to bosses and stakeholders, sideways to peer managers, and downward to align and motivate their teams and direct reports.

Communication and influencing become more manageable when you understand how others think and make decisions.

Stronger Decision Making & Problem Solving

For any team to be effective, you need to bring together a diverse group of people with different skills, backgrounds and methodologies.

Because this is challenging for Tech Leaders we focus on improving your practical knowledge and skills for approaching problems and making decisions.

With this knowledge, you can coach and mentor your team to make good decisions on their own so you can work on higher level problems.


Hiring & Team Building

Your ability to build a strong team is critical to your success as a Tech Leader.

We teach you how to attract, vet, hire and onboard the best people for your high-performance team.

Your success as a leader depends on picking the right people, creating the right culture and installing the proper control mechanisms for your team to happily go after objectives.

Delegation, Accountability & Results

Your career, reputation and the rewards you receive are tied to the results you create.

This is where the skills of delegation and accountability give you leverage to make the most impact.

Many Tech Leaders struggle with delegating because their careers and success have come from their work as individual contributors.

You'll learn how to delegate effectively and create the accountability required to achieve your team's ambitious goals.


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We respect the privacy of our members as they grow their career.
Here's what a few of our members have to say about our program.


Stephen and Todd are passionate about solving a variety problems in the tech space and are invested in their members growth.

As a manager, I can now lead my team much more efficiently and have used the valuable resources taught to me to not only get the best out of my team but help them grow too.

S.K. (UK)


I appreciated the clarification between the two concepts/definitions of leadership and managing.

Using real world examples and identifying which part of the situation was leadership vs management was very helpful in the distinction between the two.

D.B. (US)


I was ready to take my career to the next level. Having a weekly mastermind mentoring calls combined with watching the training videos, I’ve really noticed a change in my behavior and thinking.

I’ve been more strategic with my thinking.

J.L. (US)


I had a beautiful moment yesterday arriving at a far better technical solution after stepping back and starting with the “why” followed by the “what” to reveal a much better “how”.  

This solved a long-running sticking point with a key partner integration that was  stuck in limbo for weeks at the hands of this implementation detail.

Less than a week in and already reaping tangible rewards.

R.S. (US)

How It Works

We focus on 3 pillars of support to help you accelerate your career: Coaching, Curriculum, and Community.


🗣️ Coaching

Twice per week, we join group zoom calls to deep dive on non-technical topics from the video vault, cover the latest technology stacks and best practices, and interpret commercial needs to develop your business sense.

We’ll mentor you on how to implement changes as you learn new skills and coach you through any challenging situations as they arise.

Plus, you'll learn how to mentor and coach the people on your team to help them grow too.

🧠 Curriculum

As soon as you enroll in the program, you’ll get lifetime access to the video vault full of trainings on the non-technical skills that make all the difference in how you work:

  • Creating a bigger impact and income without burning out
  • Building your reputation without feeling like an imposter
  • Learning frameworks for understanding and influencing stakeholders without being “salesy”
  • Motivating and holding people accountable without micromanaging
  • Negotiating buy-in and handling conflicts without messy people problems
  • Setting new standards and managing expectations without disappointing stakeholders

👥 Community

This is the first of it’s kind to offer the benefit of a group of like-minded individuals with different perspectives and experience.

Not only is the mastermind helpful for networking, it’ll open your eyes to new possibilities and opportunities within your company and career.

Proximity to those who are doing what you’re doing (or want to do) is one of the most powerful ways to level up your own thinking and results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

This mastermind and mentorship program is for web developers and software engineers who want to make a bigger impact and income by working through people to get more leverage with their time.

It's not always clear what the next best step in your career path is. Whether you want to become a CTO, startup consultant, or just get that next promotion at your current job, we're here to help you.

Why should I want to join?

Most technical folks under-invest in the non-technical skills that make all the difference in their careers.

Stuff like building and managing a team so you can solve higher level problems, proactively communicating with stakeholders to beat expectations, and influencing others to buy in to your ideas and plans.

What's included?

You get 6 months of membership to the Tech Leaders mastermind calls, weekly coaching sessions, and access to video training that is over 20 years in the making that addresses management and leadership concerns from a modern perspective.

1) 6 months of weekly mastermind calls with our Leadership Coach and other experienced CTOs (plus recordings from past sessions).

2) Lifetime Access to training materials (videos and frameworks) that expand on the mastermind topics.

3) We’ll feed you engineers to build your team when needed: you'll get free recruiting services from us for you to hire engineers on any new or existing projects.

4) We’ll feed you Fractional CTO opportunities to grow your income: you'll get first dibs on opportunities to help early-stage startups.

5) Access to our network in Silicon Valley and the international startup community (venture capital, product managers, and subject matter experts in AI/ML, product analytics, etc.) for additional support as needed.

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