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The First Step

Partner with a True Technical Leader

Most entrepreneurs, investors and startup founders follow the traditional route to build a product and team.

They either outsource to a development agency that is incentivized to move slowly and invoice monthly…

Or they spend a lot of time finding a technical co-founder or CTO and hope they have the right technical skills to ship a scalable MVP and gradually build a team of high performers.


Less Risky and Expensive Than Outsourcing

The traditional route means placing a risky bet on a single person to slowly build the product and team, plus giving up a large chunk of equity to incentivize them over the long term.

Unfortunately, over 50% of founder partnerships fall apart within 18 months due to co-founder conflicts and misalignment.

And most technical experts lack the non-technical skills to properly lead and manage a team that is fast moving and tightly aligned with the business.

Our Startup Studio removes this risk by quickly installing an experienced technical leader and pre-built team who can handle the product engineering completely for you, without giving up co-founder equity to someone who’s never done it before.

The Right People At the Right Time

Finding someone with the right technical skills is the most obvious place to start when looking for a CTO or co-founder, but what happens if they’re new to leading teams and building a healthy and scalable engineering culture?

We place senior engineers who know how to instruct, lead, and motivate your team to move as fast as possible without breaking things or burning out.

Our people are trained in critical thinking, proactive communication, problem solving and decision making through the Tech Leader Engineer Program.

Plus, they’re “backstopped” by a network of other experienced CTOs, coaches, and advisors who can step in to help whenever necessary.

We make sure the right people are in the right roles at the right time.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

One of the scariest moments for any founder is when they realize there’s a single point of failure with one person having the most control of the project (and that person isn’t them).

While a CTO or co-founding engineer is needed to move the idea into reality they often become the only person who has access to the tech or code that has been developed.

This can happen by accident because of a lack of managerial and delegation skills or deliberately because it gives them a feeling of control or importance.

Either way, this is a very dangerous situation for a startup founder to find themselves in.

Our Startup Studio eliminates this risky single point of failure because we eliminate tribal knowledge by creating continuity and redundancy across the team, with succession planning if and when someone does move onto another job.

Prevent Risk of Burn Out

Burn out is another real threat to any fast moving startup.

This is especially true if the CTO becomes overwhelmed without support from others.

Developers often pride themselves on how much code they write and how hard they work.

But burn out damages startups when the CTO or founding engineer tries to do everything and struggles to scale themselves through a team.

That is why the Tech Leader Program focuses on making sure the CTO stays effective through the leverage of leadership and managerial skills.

Good leaders gets the most out of themselves and their team, while a poor leader can burn out and destroy the team’s productivity and morale quickly.

Most technical experts are not equally skilled in non-technical and business skills, and it shows.

The two simple questions you might want to ask yourself are:

  • Is my CTO getting the best out of my team or are they a single point of failure?
  • What happens if they feel burned out?

The Tech Leader Program is designed to quickly bring their non-technical skills up to speed so they and their team continues to work at their highest level without burning out.

Every project is led by a tech expert who has been trained in our Tech Leader Program.

Optimize Your Equity

Another huge advantage of using the Tech Leader Startup Studio is that you don’t have to commit and risk such a large portion of your startup’s equity.

Having an agreement with Technical Leaders Inc. and not a single person, means that any Tech Leader placed on your team can be quickly replaced without having to deal with any complicated or expensive equity issues.

Startup Studio

Summary of Benefits

Here’s the TL;DR on how we help.

Reduce risk and increase quality with leadership from experienced CTOs

Built-in recruiting and team building with the right people joining the team at the right time

Defend against single points of failure and tribal knowledge

Move quickly and prevent team burnout with sustainable processes and ways of working

Keep more of your equity with co-founder quality of support and engagement

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