We’re Solving the Biggest Problem in the Industry

Tech companies are some of the most
complex, fast moving, and high stakes
environments in the world.

Your success is controlled by the people on your team, and how well everyone works together.

But most software engineers are over indexed on technical expertise and lack the people and leadership skills to navigate challenging situations.

Missed deadlines, throwaway work, expensive miscommunications, and high turnover on the team all stem from a lack of leadership skills.

We standardize this gap in training with our certified Tech Leaders program.

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Increase Your Influence, Reputation and Job Market Value

Become A Technical Leader And People Leader

People can seem like a mystery if you don’t understand how they think.
But what if dealing with people was as simple as learning the next popular open source library?
Our People Framework helps you multiply the value of your technical skills by:

1. Building your personal reputation and influence within your company
2. Improving control of your team's delivery and expectations
3. Leading and managing different personalities on your team more easily
4. Creating a happy and productive culture with a lower attrition rate

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