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Ambitious individuals and industry-leading companies come to us when they need help with engineering leadership and intelligence to work more strategically and drive business forward.

The Problem and Solution

Most technical people are over-indexed on technical skills and under-invested in non-technical skills like leadership and business sense.

Then the best technical experts get Peter-Principle-Promoted into leading teams, projects and businesses without proper training in the entirely different skillset they now need as leaders.

Most are left to sink or swim... and most sink, often causing collateral damage and a defeated retreat back to Individual Contributor work.

Instead... Tech Leaders help them successfully leap from builder to business leader, by creating a creating a collaborative learning environment, dynamic career pathway, and personalized learning plan.

This aligns each person's interest, expertise and value to bridge the skill gaps and catalyze their growth.

Our Partners

We partner with training, learning, and development organizations that prioritize up-skilling and re-skilling under-represented groups and roles.

Private Programs

For Organizations

Engineering leadership training and coaching for companies focused on up-skilling employees and gaining insights from their tribal knowledge and organizational performance.

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Trusted by Leaders and Entrepreneurs from Top Companies

We work with leaders and entrepreneurs from established enterprises and disruptive startups all over the world to create knowledgebases and masterminds for learning and insights to help “see around corners” and flatten the learning curve.

Tactics and Strategies

Actually surprisingly difficult to find another quality group like this to bounce ideas off of.

It went beyond my defined qualities of leadership effectively being a collection of operational tactics and strategy creation.

One of the most interesting teachings was how to re-orientate oneself towards work.

R.S. in San Francisco
Promoted from Founding Engineer to CTO

Productizing Expertise

It is harder than I thought, specifically talking about yourself as a product or service offering is not something I really ever had to do working in a large corporation for the majority of the last three decades.

The 1:1 sessions with Stephen have been valuable as I sort out Imposter Syndrome and Self Sabotage issues.

F.C. in Ann Arbor
Fractional CTO

Access to Knowledge

I feel I'm a strong IC and have quite good managing skills, but I felt lacking in strategy tools. I wanted to increase my leverage by doing a higher level of work.

Is the program worth the money? I have no doubts. I think it already paid off.

The things I have heard of, learned, and discussed were not reachable to me before.

M.W. in Poland
Fractional CTO

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