Solving the most expensive 2-sided problem in the tech industry.

Entrepreneurs and Investors need a Founding Engineer or CTO who can ship and scale an MVP as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

But most technical people are over-indexed on technical expertise and underinvested in non-technical skills like communication, decision making and business sense.

Co-Founder conflict between the non-technical and technical causes 65% of startups fail, go-to-market late and run out of runway.



Ship Software Products Better, Faster, and Safer

Product Engineering

We offer an all-inclusive solution to build your product for you, take it to market and scale revenue.


Fractional CTO and Founding Engineers

We help Entrepreneurs and Investors find the right Tech Leaders who will turn their valuable opportunity into a reality.


Non-technical Skills for Technical Experts

We turn talented engineers into true Tech Leaders by multiplying their technical knowledge with non-technical skills.


For Entrepreneurial Engineers

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