Solving The Most Harmful And Expensive Problems In The Tech Industry

Why do so many great products unnecessarily overrun in cost and time and fail to achieve their commercial results?

They lack the glue of proper leadership and coordination.

Most brilliant ideas don’t fail because they lack the technical skills to produce them.

They fail because the most highly skilled tech people lack the non-technical skills that glues the project and its people together to get it quickly and successfully launched and scaled.

65% of startups fail because their technical experts lack the essential non-tech skills such as leadership, planning, communication, business and commercial skills and decision making and so on.

But most technical people are over-indexed on technical expertise and underinvested in these non-technical skills.

The tech industry is fast-moving, highly competitive and complex in nature… and it’s crying out for more technical leaders who have high level non-technical skills and business sense.

Technical experts with both sets of skills are highly sought after by early-stage founders and scale-ups alike.


We offer 2 solutions to close the technical/non-technical gap

Career Accelerator

This is for software developers who want to stand out in the job market, grow their careers and income, and make a bigger impact without burning out or losing touch with the tech.

If you write code and want to grow your career by investing in your non-technical skills and business sense, this program is for you.

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Startup Studio

This is for founders and investors who need an experienced engineering team with both the technical and non-technical skills needed to quickly turn their idea into a scalable MVP.

If you need a technical leader (with a collaborative engineering team) who have ‘been there before’ to partner with you to help create and ship your MVP — this is for you.

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